I’m a bit shit at scrabble but this ad makes me want to be better

I’m terrible at scrabble. I will avoid playing it in front of others because I will inevitably look like I only know how to spell four words. These words are; Go, like, shop and to.

Board games are also a great alternative to staring at a screen and allowing someone else to do the entertaining for you in the kind of voyeuristic attempt at fun that we have all become so reliant on.

Scrabble, which has earned a kind of classic, retro fun image was due a good revival. They could have gone down the wholesome family fun road but instead they launched what I think is an excellent and original campaign. Global advertising agency Pereira and O’Dell have gone down the intriguing route of giving the scrabble pieces their own personalities, really apt ones too.

This is ‘Meet Blank’. He is the kind of charismatic bastard that you might see on ‘made in Chelsea’ and really hate but want to be, if blank had a face it would look like Spencer Matthews:

I represent blank in more ways than one

These are the links to the ads below, videos won’t embed for me or else I’m doing it wrong.

Watch them, they’re entertaining.

Meet blank video

Lonely Q video

Meet P video


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