Google glass: the pervert enabling eye-wear

It shows how jaded with technology that we’ve become that the Google glass ad didn’t leave us that gobsmacked.

TED talks and technology websites are obviously blown away. Normal people however just seem a bit weirded out by the glasses. Yeah they obviously allow for amazing things to happen, we’d rarely have to use our hands again and you’d feel like a sort of cool android. But what happens when they fall into weird hands ? At the moment this isn’t an issue because the beta version of the glasses will cost $1500 alone so they are not yet attainable enough to be owned on a large scale. What happens if the glasses take off and become as commonly owned as the iphone? There could be plenty of odd footage taken against the public’s will, especially since the invention of a new app which allows wearers to take a photo with the wink of an eye as this article explains

 A good point make in an article written in Forbes magazine today reminds readers that most innovative advancements made are likely to test, push and re-write social boundaries before they become accepted so it is likely that the glasses will just take some getting used to.

Makers will however have to allow for some adjustments as I find it hard to imagine a time when people will be OK with the possibility of their movements being recorded and uploaded online without their consent. There is also the threat of glass owners reading texts and browsing the internet while in their car and not paying attention to the road. If the Google glass voice recognition software is as advanced as that of current smartphones then the Irish people are fucked. Our accents do not translate well to machine. Glasses will be crushed in fits of rage in certain parts of the world. 

So to sum up, the fear is that Google glasses could allow people like him :

google glass perverts


To appear like him, cool and innocent:

google glass invasion


So without getting on board with the usual scare mongering that takes place when anything new comes along, Google glass could enable a lot of the wrong people to get away with the wrong kind of behaviour unless some changes are made to the design. That or we’ll turn into robotic zombies staring into something that’s not actually there with eye contact becoming a thing of the past.


3 thoughts on “Google glass: the pervert enabling eye-wear

  1. I think the day of privacy disappeared with cameras in cell phones and this is the first game changer since the iPhone. The winner though is not the inventor (Google in this case) but it will be in the one who markets it correctly. The 4 P of innovation rule

    • You’re right, it needs to be marketed to people in a way that makes it seem more approachable for the average person because at the minute I can’t imagine myself using it. People need to be eased in to how it will change their life and combat it’s invasive image needs to be combated.

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