Social awkwardness and some made-up words that could make life easier

The internet has voted English as the best language for writing poetry and French as the most favoured for writing prose but what is the most descriptive language? Having fluency in a language should guarantee that you have a word for every scenario or emotion yet we are so often stuck for words. If you listen to any modern conversation in the English language, it will become apparent how often we substitute descriptive words for sounds and facial expressions. E.G- ‘I was like ahhhhh’– To describe frustration. Are we losing our grip on the English language or are we under-utilised?

A recent buzzfeed compilation gathered a set of words that already exist in the English language that perfectly describe some rare human emotions:

These words are humorously effective at describing very niche situations but may not be that useful if no one has any idea what you’re talking about as this defeats the very purpose of a language.

Instead of adding new words to the dictionary that are just variations of words that already exist, like ‘Binge watch’ and Selfie, why not add words that can help us to more aptly describe a situation so we don’t default to “I felt like….raaaa..ya know?”.

Here are some suggestions for our more complex social situations:

  • When a joke someone made is witty and you recognise that, it’s just that it’s not really laugh out loud funny
  • When you keep accidentally making eye contact with someone but this is become of some weird muscle memory compulsion and not at all because you find them attractive in any way
  • A word to politely refuse the offer of pity conversation offered by another conversational outsider as you are happy to just sit and observe the other more socially successful people
  • Being so inundated with online content that it becomes a blur and nothing stands out as conversation-worthy in your brain
  • A word to describe someone who is popular and hilarious on social media but not at all in real life
  • A word to describe how sticky and dirty you feel even though you are not physically sticky or dirty in any way, it’s more of a mind-set
  • A word for: ‘I don’t disagree with what you’re saying nor do I really agree with what you’re saying, it’s just that I think this conversation has run it’s course , I’m bored and I would like it to end now’
  • I’m not dyslexic, it’s just that I can’t type properly when you are staring at my screen over my fucking shoulder so please get away

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