Ur Pugs R fkd

The pet dog gene pool is taking a hammering. More and more you find something that resembles a dog being walked around town but this breed of thing is so inbred that it is also somehow its own aunt, so now it struggles to breath without sounding like a photocopier.

They love their owners but they hate their bodies. We would too if we were bred with no other purpose other than to be genetically hilarious. What we see and what they feel happen to be two very different things.

Their small monkey faces are silly indeed but in exchange for this little face, the bastards can’t breath. Their tissue blocks up their respiratory system like a sock blocking a hoover nozzle which is also sometimes what they sound like.

Pug breeding is definitely not the full extent of human cruelty but it does make you feel uneasy when you think long and hard about what a pug would say if it had a voice. Or is its lung where its voice box should be? One time I heard a French bulldog try to bark but it came out like a weary human shout. Basically, if a pug could body snatch a sheepdog then it probably would and breeders should try to remember this before they go on to create a pug strain that looks like a base-ball mitt attached to a rabbit.


Image result for baseball mitt


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