Get that rock Enda, for the love of God

Don’t put that Wolf Tones CD in the attic just yet because England has some of our land and we want it back. Not The North, never The North.

A small lump of rock located in the North Atlantic Ocean has been causing controversy for decades now. For reasons I won’t go into because I don’t understand them and because they seemed detailed and maybe boring, a lot of countries believe that this rock, Rockall( a rock for all) is their own. It technically sits closest to Scotland so England have claimed it and now Brexit has made this a fresh issue, like Gibraltar only more of a sea scab.

Like the Falklands, the area is oily and nice and surrounded by rich fishing grounds so unlike the fight of 100 years ago, we are not after honor but profit and some fish.

If we do win the battle, which we won’t, we could give all the oil away to Shell for nearly free without consulting the Irish people or we could Air bnb it because people will stay just about anywhere now as long as its not their own home or a Travel Lodge. But we will definitely not let homeless people live there, they ruin tourism videos and the look and feel of our economies growth. The important thing is that we fight the good fight for the wrong reasons. G’wan Ireland.

Image result for rockall storm




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